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My name is Chiara Pellegrini
I'll start from here:

"Thought thinks and imagination sees"*

I was born in Milan in 1975, a city that is still my departure and arrival terminal.
I study classical guitar at the Corsico's music school while attending the Liceo Artistico (Art School) S. Marta in Milan.
Then I go to the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera where I graduate in Sculpture with Professor G. Marchese in 1998.
I start to work with sculptor Mauro Baldessarri at the realization of several sculpting projects for public pieces of art.
Then I go back to Brera for a post-graduation Master in "Light Design" and I work as intern at Studio Azzurro, where I work at the lighting engineering of some video-installations.
In 2000-2001 I work as a set designer. From 2002 I design prototypes for fashion mannequins. In 2006 I take part in the art project Stecca degli artigiani in Milan (Isola). Since 2000 I sing in a polyphonic choir and focusing on social singing in different expressive forms.

In the "meantime" I like to travel; the distance allows me to have different perspectives on things that inspire many of my works.
In my artistic search, time has revealed the presence of an "organic form", made of recurring and identical elements, like threads of a loom.
The possibility to deconstruct/reconstruct a structure, even if just visually, contains the main characteristic of being alive:
The ability to change.

What attracts me most about creating art and that gets me closer to different languages its ability to recreate new equilibriums.
"To see reality more deeply means to be able to distinguish any object in its previous and future forms" 2
That is why I like to explore new materials and let my methods change according to the environment I find myself in.
In the latest years, in a need to get away from traditional exhibition forms towards the idea of art "for everyone", I took part and won a contest for the creation of a piece of art in a public area. Then I started to think about the meaning of a permanent work of art that anyone can see. It was also a chance to redefine my work methods, where designing and realization often coincided.
At the same time, as instrument of analysis and observation of everyday life, I started to work with photography as a way to obtain multiple layers of real-ideal perspective levels, through which I found a new approach to tridimensionality and a new awareness of the "surrounding".

Main exhibitions

2009 Kusudama
Selected for the art contest "Cura e Speranza"
The sketch is permanently exhibited at the new building of the Niguarda Ca' Granda Hospital of Milan
2007 Omeostasi equilibri di pace
Urban installation
Placed in a square between via Dante and via Parini in Corsico (Milan)

Main personal exhibitions
2010 Wall of feeling + music and body performance di musica with Angela Belmondo- performer,
Daniela Zebra – voice, keyboard, Alberto Grein - musician
During the Giornata del contemporaneo ("Contemporary Day")
At gallery Spazio Broggi, via Giuseppe Broggi 5 Milano
2004 The Sated Banquet
At gallery Fabbrica del Vapore, Pol!femo space

Main collective exhibitions
2014 Sighting points
23-25 maggio Quasiaperto corso Garibaldi 89/a e giardini di via Cazzaniga Ð Milano
A weekend outdoors around the Casa degli Artisti,comparing different disciplines and generations making art.
https://www.facebook.com/casadegliartisti.milano/media_set? set=a.603377693091146&type=1&notif_t=like
2014 13- 15 may - Festival Docucity
I participated in the workshop :"Exercises in urban reconnaisance, from the city center to the outskirts: Taking a walk with Ogino Knauss" as a means of reflection in view of the imminent Expo taking place in Milan. Part of this collective project is visible at:
2013 Since November 2013 I am participating, with the collective Immaginariesplorazioni Solari, in an audiovisual anthropological research project which aims at an interdisciplinary approach on the experience of possible forms of urban living. A documentary will be its final outcome.
2011 The fall of a pen
Selected for the art contest: “Premio Speciale Alpini” in collaboration with Comune di Nova Milanese, la Libera Accademia di Pittura “Vittorio Viviani” e il Bice Bugatti Club. Exhibited at the sala GIO.I.A in Nova Milanese
2010 Mudra
Selected for the 4th edition of the art contest MAG Città di Marsciano Arte Giovane.
Exhibited at the Marsciano's Museo Dinamico del Laterizio e delle Terrecotte
2009 Kusudama
Selected for the art contest "Cura e Speranza" ("Cure and Hope")
held by Niguarda Ca' Granda Hospital of Milan.
Mercanti Square, Milan.
2009 Falena Cometa
Selected for the contest "Sculpture in the City".
Projects for Milan
Società per le Belle Arti ed Esposizione Permanente
2008 Biglietti, prego
Spazio Broggi 5
Reviewer: Pio Tarantini
2007 Rotte percorsi di terra
Selected for Quotidiana 2007
Former slaughter house, Padova
2006-2007 collective exhibitions at Stecca degli Artigiani "Isola Art Center" in Milan
2003 Muro del sentire
Artandgallery "No parachute"
Curator: Manuela Gandini
1997 Labirinti
Historic center
Sponsored by the municipality of Tortona
Patronized by Giancarlo Marchese
1997 Il gioco dell'impiccato
Villaggio Verde Romagnano (Novara)

*Quote from "Fantasia" by Bruno Munari, Bari 1977
**Quote from " Origami e creatività" by Bruno Munari, Milan, April 8th, 1987

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