From inside

1997 -The hangman’s game – Latex, iron, cement, marble dust

1997 – THE HANGED MAN GAME – latex, iron, cement, marble dust

So often the filter you use to read “the external” is easily perishable,

you lose borders, depth, distances…

like body skin

stretched on defensive shields

melt in the air of a breath

in the wind and in the water



Woman’s feeling, circular. To be able to contain and to be contained.

time’s mouth makes you lose the eyes of feeling…

dries milk like sand

reduces your senses as those of a starving

a thirsty one…

What’s beyond…

Behind this will which is dragging us?!

A sharp and pointy sword, pushed with a precise hip movement

peels off a round belly on a protruding bellybutton…

A body is full of edges, there is no need to move

to get hurt

it is enough to be just a little closer…

Socks and children’s panties run through the blade to dry.

Nihilism makes it difficult to recognize myself,

makes it difficult to make itself recognizable:

…my denial!

Like a dress worn inside out

now I am hurting myself

and it doesn’t matter if outside there is someone pushing…

weapons always run first through ourselves.

The art and the senses
Every means has its limits:
the music is blind,
the painting is silent
the paralytic sculpture || 333 00 00 333
© 2019 Chiara Pellegrini Sculptor All rights reserved
 | P.IVA 33300000333