2003 – Wall of Feeling – plaster- 400x400x7

2003 – WALL OF HEARING – cast, plasterboard 400x400x7


Fetishes, small talismans, ex-votos…

I remember Marrakesh’s market, old anatomy textbooks laying on the ground,

drawings, formulas, overwhelmed by yelling “healers” desperately trying to explain

how organs work, the strange forces that tie them together and the usual

or unusual potions that “heal” them…

Maybe the big “pulsating body” of the macrocosm around us is very similar, actually,

regarding relationships or “lines of force”, to our stomach when digesting

      or our bowels when purging.

The world hold by Atlas collapses.

Heads fall next to the feet, they balance out…

Sometimes the “non places” of the mind can become physical, sacred “spaces”;

having the same sacredness that belongs to sharing a meal, a game or a pain.

That is where the need of a “wall of hearing”.

Like a door that opens towards the outside/inside of every single thing,

that can keep inside the act of listening to thoughts, prayers, silences,

words written in letters never opened or desires hidden underground, in tin boxes.

Technical features:

Pairs of cast life-size ears placed onto four plasterboard panels measuring 100x100x10 cm, creating a single square wall (200x200x10 cm).

Created in 2003.

The art and the senses
Every means has its limits:
the music is blind,
the painting is silent
the paralytic sculpture

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