2007 – Homeostasis peace balance – urban installation -via Parini Corsico


Equilibri di pace – Equilibriums of peace

by Chiara Pellegrini

Good and evil do not exist by themselves, each one is the absence of the other.

Every created form, made of full and empty, generates another form

identical or opposite to it.

Forms develop in separate units and create a single body.

Empty spaces become light silhouettes or points from which you can see the surroundings, without filters between inside and outside.

Walking at a pace that marks a movement, a line… just as leaves fall from a tree in autumn or fly in the air like birds, so lines become symbols, beliefs, codes, languages, feelings that man generates and in time assimilates and recognizes.

This project was selected and won a public competition for a street furniture piece of art sponsored by the municipality of Corsico.

After various phases of selection, an exhibit was held at the gallery “Saloncino la Pianta” where the prize was assigned.

The theme of the contest was to promote, through a public piece of art, a message of peace.

The sculpture was unveiled on April 25th, the day Italy commemorates liberation

in World War II, in Corsico.

Technical features:

The piece of work is made of a pierced steel plate measuring 390x180x2 cm.

The sought effect is a cut warp that with sunlight at different angles can become transparent or a reflecting surface, gaining/losing structure and weight.

i.  Quote from “The Gospel According to Jesus Christ” by Josè Saramago.

The art and the senses
Every means has its limits:
the music is blind,
the painting is silent
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