2008 – Over-spot – printing on mirroring steel 120×80


Some pictures of a tree were juxtaposed and treated both as picture film and painting matter.

The idea is to work and process the “found”. Like a body that can become at the same time space capable of containing an image, its shade and the reflection of what’s around it, in a space-time continuum connecting memory, fixed image (photographed), overlapping and subdued to the action of the changing and transforming present (reflection).

This work is part of a series lead by the will to investigate a reality under its visual aspect, to reach a knowing perception that deals to the observation not only of what is inside a picture, but also what there is in front or around it, of something that exist for an instant, as a reflection… in our eyes.

Technical features:

Printed on a 120×80 cm glass steel surface.

Created in: 2008

The art and the senses
Every means has its limits:
the music is blind,
the painting is silent
the paralytic sculpture

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