2009 – WATT 4 – frames


Title: Watt 4

What is the unit of measurement of human energy?

Where does energy float?

I don’t know. I know for sure that my energy passes first from my house.

I live in Via Watt nr. 4.

The house is a conductor: contains and transmits the energy of people that live in it; every house has a door, or better, a way in and a way out; my door opens on a public balcony.

Recently I started to take pictures, to weight myself on things… what happens to our eye when extrapolated from its usual parameters?

What happens to a camera if you take away its objective?

Everything originates from my will to deconstruct.

Let’s start from the beginning and the house’s threshold.

I take some lens-sized black cardboards and I make holes at the center of them until they reach the size of a needle; I go out on the balcony outside my door with the camera tripod, I set the cardboards on the camera, one by one, and I observe light: as the essence of the image.

First I try with an analog camera, then a digital one; until I put a lens in front of the cardboard and I get a closer look: plants, the drying rack, the glass covered buildings over the factories surrounded by cranes.

My neighbors are curious, they ask me, “What are you doing?”.

I say: “I try to bring into focus…” and I realize that often, what you try to bring into focus is actually what you don’t see.

Technical features:

All the frames of these observations were put one next to the other in chronological order, without any selection and producing a single image (measuring 93×64 cm) showing fragments; just like when you look at test strips scattered on a table.

Created in: 2009

Chiara Pellegrini

The art and the senses
Every means has its limits:
the music is blind,
the painting is silent
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