2011/2012 – Night paintings – oil painting and phosphorescent painting

Nocturnal Paintings

“The night enevloped all,, even sight.  It emptied itself from her.  It is essential to still keep holding hands lest one should fall.”

 “Journey to the End of the Night” Cèline

When walking in nature on moonlit nights, darkness becomes empty.  One is then projected into  a timeless dimension , in a non-perception of what is deep or superficial, far or near, in alternates far from our consciousness.

“…Out of history, in a world which has no spaces other than those of sex and heart, different in depth than that of the senses, in which joy is joy and pain is pain.”  So Pasolini describes what is happening to his feelings.

Candle-lit paintings come to mind (a method widely used in Italy and then in Europe in the 1600s) which were often covered by a cloth in daylight and only revealed in the evening, warmly lit by the fire.

I would like that this piece be considered in a similiar manner… like a curtain which is drawn and leaves us in the dark, in another dimension, not unlike a painting which has been covered from sight.

Technical features: Oil and phosphorescent paint

Created in: 2011/2012

The art and the senses
Every means has its limits:
the music is blind,
the painting is silent
the paralytic sculpture || 333 00 00 333
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