2013 – Giravento – Installation


I often find myself searching in Nature.  In tropical climates Nature elevates itself and encompasses you in a way that resembles a cocoon, a nest.

The horizon is lost and flowers appear… they become eyes, presences which stare.

It is here, where Nature is preponderant and takes more space than anything that has been built that Man loses his sense of omnipotence and can enter another dimension: that which is tied to a ‘listening’ approach.

The Pinwheel is an eternal flower mutating at each rotation.

The Pinwheel, like a toy, is able to retain a lightness within rigour, a characteristic present in those objects which have a movement that can be ceased and re-started, which have the ability of mutation.  It is an ancestral symbol associated with the rotation of the elements, air and water, which takes us back to widmills, an archaic story…

There are galaxies and flowers which have forms such as that of the pinwheel.

Its movement is hypnotic, magnetic.  One can stare for hours, watching it spin slowly or rapidly, just as I have found myself doing.

Year 2013

Tecniques and media:

The piece is made up of 92 pinwheels – 55 of these measure 15cms x 15cms x 77.5 cms ; the remaining 37 measure 20 cms x20 cms x100 cms. These 92 pinwheels are arranged in a circular fashion on 5 hypothetical concentric circles which are distant one from the other by 30cms.  The maximum diameter will be 300cms.

The distance between the pinwheels will be 30cms (as per attached plan).

The proposed medium for these pinwheels is polistirene or PVC (thickness about 0.05mm) which will guarantee lightness and resistance to atmospheric conditions.  The pinwheels should be mounted on metal rods which should measure 70 cms and 90cms from the ground and should be 0.6cms thick (and wshould weigh about 250grs each).

The impact on the scenery should be minimal, facilitating interaction of the spectator with the surrounding territory. The pinwheels will be provided singularly with the support necessary for its correct installation.

The art and the senses
Every means has its limits:
the music is blind,
the painting is silent
the paralytic sculpture

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