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2014 – Preservers, The World TurnedUpside-Down – installation


The World TurnedUpside-Down.

Historically, the role of the female figure has been manifested solely in relation to that of the male figure.

In religious iconography we have the Virgin mother of Christ, She who nurtures and cures, completely stripped of any sort of personal physicity, becoming a mere symbol.

In a more modern world than The world turned upside-down there is an inversion of roles which takes us back to the‘fight for the trousers’but perhaps humanity has never been able to past this point.

Prints of popular tradition come to mind which, from the 15th century, have been depicting the power struggles and battles of the sexes in a more or less ironic fashion. They have gone as far as depicting Woman as a ‘fisherman’ of men who at times appear as fish or birds; Representations of Blacksmiths dedicated to welding new heads in order to replace the contorted brains of those females who dared to have feminist ideas, as a reaction to feminist movements.

With time, we have come to that contemporary iconography of Woman which is more and more about ethereal beauty, in which the female body is over-exposed and carefully measured.  The female figure acquires value only as  desire, sublimation, sweetener, and idealization.

With this piece, I explored and questioned these concepts.

Starting with the bas-relief depicting the Virgin Mary holding the Child, I have given her a change of clothes adding trousers and a fishing rod with the intention of mixing and layering forms and meanings, putting them in a vacuum, in a glass jar, as if to create a compote.

In an attempt to create a short-circuit of signifiers of those roles that we are inevitably tied to and influenced by, albeit trying to distance ourselves from them, and to be able to, possibily, smile at them someday.

Tecnica e dimensioni:

Compote:19x19x43cm with print and led

Anno: 2014

The art and the senses
Every means has its limits:
the music is blind,
the painting is silent
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