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2015 – Helicoid of a falling seed – Progetto installazione

Helicoid of a falling seed

A project’s report

It is strange to observe how in nature some things, like a maple seed, fall while tracing a movement similar to that of air in the physics of flight.  It is almost like the force which makes us fall is similar to that which makes us soar.

The movements which regulate the solar system have a helicoidal shape, so does the structure of dna and the springs of the beds in which our grandparents used to sleep.

Some forms are more interesting than others because they provide an extension in a continuum of time and space… As it happens for almost all things which cross us, they change us and permit us to go forth.

The model I present is made up of 12 modules of forged rings, mounted one on top of the other through joints, reaching the total dimension of:

h580cm x 300cm x 400cm.

The rings (in torsion) have a diameter of 275 cm and are made up of a h40cm x 15cm tube in rectangular section.


The art and the senses
Every means has its limits:
the music is blind,
the painting is silent
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