2019 – Drops -sculptures forest

“Go through the door of the clearing”

and the truth as a return to being

To this I thought when Edi, one evening in front of the fire, told me about the La Goccia committee and the idea of ​​sculptures in the woods.
I am attracted to what nature, even the human one, shows or hides.
There are many woods or secret gardens behind the gates of private villas, in the back of schools or in the suburbs surrounding the agricultural areas that it would be curious to rediscover.

The clearing is a place to stop and catch your breath. In which you notice the path taken and you resume the energy to start again. I think this may become, or perhaps for some already is, one of those places.

Gocce in a certain sense is born from a finding of a sketch for a sculpture conceived many years ago. It is a funanbolic game in which sensory organs break up and recompose in an elementary organic form and reproduce 12 times, just as the months of a year or the numbers of a clock are divided.
Drops like sap, rain, dew, sweat and tear, like an impermanent form that flows and transforms itself that burns without being consumed.
Good road, everyone will find his!

The art and the senses
Every means has its limits:
the music is blind,
the painting is silent
the paralytic sculpture || 333 00 00 333
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