2005 – Manifesto – Electoral poster -Digital print

Manifesto – Electoral poster

Skin, overlaps, layers, casual visual compositions create,

revealing or hiding what is lying above or under, a new body.


What often was part, in same cases represented the image of a certain place (the Campari advertisement in Duomo Square was almost a “monument” itself), what participated in creating the look of a metropolis: what becomes a landmark in the streets helping tourists to get oriented, the shining idea of an eternal beauty becomes a dirty dress, something deteriorating, transforming into matter, covering head..

The catalyzing and disrupting idea of an advertisement poster becomes physical, it changes into paper, glue, urban environment, just like the sidewalk underneath it or the street lamp that light it.

There is a will to decide to work on the “found”, a different attitude, maybe it is the same that separates the word from the act of listening, to get closer to a quest closer to everyday movement, to the observation or the rapid glance at situations or detail, while trying to keep an attentive and loving eye on things.

Just like the sea gives back objects making them “finds”, the “fossil city” can evaporate in surreal images, hide among the Klincher of a 70’s house or appear in majestic desert squares and long boulevards, to become what the eye sees, almost forgetting what deceptively attracts the eye.

It would be nice if the head acquired the same perceptive depth of the eyes in getting even what is in shade or along the horizon, the atmospheric depth, in focusing what’s on the background. If a book read from the beginning to the end could tell another story, an electoral poster can give back an even more grotesque picture  of reality.

Technical features:

Advertising poster created with pictures of 2005 electoral campaign ads taken, in part, at night, with camera on a trestle, and glued to a metallic board.

Size: 100×70 cm

Created in: 2005

Insurance value: 3000 Euros

The art and the senses
Every means has its limits:
the music is blind,
the painting is silent
the paralytic sculpture

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