2012 – Keyes or lockpicks? – Iron sheet and keyes

Keyes or lockpicks?

On one of the metal sheets which was used to lock the apartments which were under seizure in a lower-class neighborhood, now reoccupied, some keys will be hung.  These keys will, if rubbed one against each other or struck, emit a sound vibration similar to the eco which remains in dreams.

It can happen to any of us to forget, in a drawer, keys which we no longer use simply because they no longer open anything.  This is an attempt to deny their original value and to reattribute a value which is more tied to imagination.

Which “doors”, in your desires, would you wish to open with these keys?

I would like for each one of you to bring keys and an answer to this query, writing your own thoughts.

I am presenting photographic documentation of the answers which were left by the inhabitants of Piazza Prealpi (Milan), during an initiative brought forth by the neighborhood in June 2012.

tecniche materiali: stampe

anno: 2012

The art and the senses
Every means has its limits:
the music is blind,
the painting is silent
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