2011 – Rhuà – wind


Rùah- Wind
“If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants”

Isaac Newton

What amazes me when I hike on the mountains is how far your feet can carry you: at the top, where the “under”freezes to give way to the sound of wind: “rùah”( Jewish word), the only thing that never cease.
Sometimes there are more tracks to follow, left by hikers before you, paths that become river beds or lost with the changing of seasons, courses that left no traces.

“People living under the mountains have often put their deities on the mountain tops, not to worship them from their lower level, but to keep them away. Greeks and Tibetans respected this distance, they did not climbed those mountains… Now (in the ascent) there is only the wind as a barrier between Gods and men…”1

There is a different way of feeling on the mountains, when you walk without breath and effort; like a sock turned inside out, suddenly what you are rises, the front and backside of everything. In this work I would like to highlight the act of going through, like when you run your finger on a topographic map: to get to this space of absolute time, beyond the top, a white line, a pause…
You enter in another dimension that smells of earth as well as of sky, the empty becomes thick, the words breath, the distance proximity.


Photographic prints (created by a double exposition-superimposition of two different images) on dibond with reflecting surface (glass polished aluminum sheet).
Temperature changes and time do not deform this light material.
The two boards measuring 150×150 cm will be 0,3/0,5 thick; on the back there will be 2 cm thick and U shaped aluminum bars and the boards will be hanged on the wall with L-shaped gussets . The two boards are like two windows opening towards the inside and the outside of the reality surrounding them. They contain not only what there is inside an image, but also what stands if front or around them; a fixed pictured (photographed), superimposed-subject to the action of the present changing and transforming (reflex), just as it happens daily.


I attach some details mounted on aluminum. Since they are printed on a adhesive print, colors are less saturated than they will be after a direct print on the surface.

1 Quote from “Sulla traccia di Nives” by Erri de Luca.

The art and the senses
Every means has its limits:
the music is blind,
the painting is silent
the paralytic sculpture

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