2011 – The fall of a pen

This project was selected for the contest “Special Price” held by the Italian Alpine Troops, for the creation of a work of art in partnership with the municipality of Nova Milanese, the Painting Free Academy “Vittorio Viviani” and the Bice Bugatti Club.

The sketches will be displayed in the GIO.I.A hall from May 22 to June 5th. The winner will be announced during the inauguration and awarding ceremony on Sunday May 22nd 2011.

Project presentation



“If man is formed by circumstances, then we must humanise the circumstances”.

K. Marx e F. Engels,

“The Holy Family”

When a pen or a feather falls, it follows an helical movement that resembles a flight and smells of earth as well as of sky.

Technical features

This work is composed by a transparent Plexiglas plate (measuring 100 x 100 cm and 5 cm thin) on which the shape of several pens will be carved as a footprint. The reflection of light will highlight the marks, the light lines that will multiply projecting their own shadow.

In this project, the “surrounding area” is absorbed and revealed as one of the main features of the work of art.

The plate will be mounted on a pedestal thanks to a groove in the center of th cube.

There will be a night lighting with LED bulbs inserted in the groove, that will light up the surface highlighting the volumes of the carved shapes and creating a light wall.

The art and the senses
Every means has its limits:
the music is blind,
the painting is silent
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